The Cambridge Diet is a very low calorie weight loss program that comes in the form of  frosty shakes, savory soups, hearty oat cereal, and creamy desserts. All are based on the same nutritionaly complete formula and are interchangable. They mix easily with water and can be taken anywhere! We also have delicious chewy nutrition bars that can be used  once a day in addition to your regular Cambridge servings. They are high in quality protein and fiber and they taste amazing!

There are several ways to use Cambridge, (see instruction box below). You can use it (3 to 4 servings a day)  to replace all of your regular food for the best results. This is referred to as "sole source", or "Fast Start" program.  You can also use it as the core of your weight loss plan in combination with healthy food choices. Many people continue to use it after they have lost their weight as a supplement to their new healthy lifestyle.

       What Is Cambridge and How Do I Use It? 
Cambridge is affordable! It costs about $1.50 per serving, even less if you sign up to buy wholesale!
We have 3 product lines to choose from depending on your personal needs.  There is the Original 330 formula, the Food For Life 420 formula, and our new Original 330 with CLA Tonalin. I would be happy to help you decide which would be best for you.

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Cambridge Program Instructions:

Cambridge offers a variety of programs for weight loss and for nutritional supplementation to fit a variety of needs. As a Cambridge Distributor, I would be happy to help you select the program best suited to your personal weight loss goals. While medical supervision is not required while on Cambridge, it is recommended that you consult with your physician before starting this or any other weight loss plan to be sure you do not have any medical conditions that would prevent following a reduced calorie eating plan.

Regular Weight Loss Program:

This program is suitable for any weight loss goal and can be adapted to any lifestyle. It combines three servings of the Cambridge shakes or bars with one calorie controlled meal per day. Two conventional meals (usually breakfast and lunch) are replaced by Cambridge servings. The third meal is preceded with a Cambridge serving approximately one half hour before normal mealtime. The third meal will be from conventional food. For small or inactive persons the meal should be limited to 400 calories. A small skinless chicken breast with 2 cups of green vegetables is a good choice.  For best results avoid any grain based foods such as pasta, bread, or rice and any fruits. These can stimulate your appetite and slow weight loss. Larger or more active persons may go up to 800 calories. Eight 8-ounce glasses of water or other noncaloric beverages should be consumed over the course of the day.

Fast Start Weight Loss Program:

The Fast Start Program is also referred to as Sole Source (SS). This program is the most popular option and will produce the largest amount of weight loss in the shortest amount of time. The program is very simple and easy to follow. Just consume three servings of the Food For Life Formula or 4 ½ servings of the Original Formula per day at normal meal times. Please note the Cambridge nutrition bars cannot be used as a serving in the Fast Start Program, only the Cambridge drinks, oats or soups and puddings contain the complete nutrition needed while on the Fast Start Program. However, they can be used as an additional snack along with your regular 3 to 4.5 servings.  Eat no conventional food of any kind and drink a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water or other non-caloric beverage. This program is normally recommended for those with large amounts of weight to lose. It can also be used as a quick fix for those with small amounts of weight to lose. We recommend that all individuals who wish to remain on the program in excess of two weeks be monitored by their physician, however, unless you have a known medical condition or are on certain medications medical supervision is not required to be on this program.

Using Cambridge For Maintenance:

Cambridge makes a great maintenance tool. Once you have achieved your goal weight you can continue to use Cambridge as the core of your nutrition plan. Having one to two servings each day along with your new healthy eating plan will assure that you are getting a good percentage of the nutrients you need. It will continue to help control your appetite and set you up for making healthy food choices throughout the day. If you find yourself gaining a couple of pounds it is an easy transition to lose them before a couple of pounds turns in to a few or more! Simply go back to the weight loss plan you used before, either SS or the Regular Weight Loss Plan and in no time you will be back to your goal weight. Easy maintenance!

*Individual results may vary.
The Original 
Cambridge Diet 330 Plan
   The Food For Life (FFL) 420 Plan
The New Original 330
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