In 1970, Alan Howard, Ph.D. and a distinguished team of research nutritionists and medical doctors at Cambridge University in England, wrestled with the problem of obesity. Dr. Howard had an idea that it would be possible to discover the exact combination of nutritional building blocks that were needed by the body and that it would be possible to develop a formula which supplied all of these nutrients in a minimal number of calories.

What they developed after nearly a decade of research was an amazing nutritional breakthrough; a meal replacement that supplied all the known nutrients the body needed in a very-low-calorie formula.

Dr. Dennis Jones, a nutritionist and specialist in food chemistry, began collaboration with the team in 1973. He converted the research concept into a commercially viable formulation. He designed and implemented a development plan including formal clinical studies to full drug-testing standards. His goal was to turn Dr. Howard's original breakthrough research into an actual product that would be accessible to the public and not just remain in medical research.

The result of this work was a concentrated yet balanced nutritional formula so unique it was patented worldwide. The commercial rights to the formula were acquired by Cambridge Plan International in the United States, and here the flavor of the formula was dramatically improved for palatability and in 1979, it emerged as The Cambridge Diet.

The Food For Life System

The second "breakthrough" occurred during the 1980's. A totally integrated system for nutrition and weight management was created under the direction of Robert O. Nesheim, Ph.D., one of the most widely respected authorities in the field of nutrition.

As Director of Research and Development at Cambridge Plan International, Dr. Nesheim built on the extensive research behind the Original Cambridge Diet formula and drew on additional scientific information and new technological developments to greatly enhance and broaden the base of the Cambridge products. The new expanded line of products were developed with added fiber, added protein to supply 100% of the US RDA, additional calories, and improved taste and variety.

The second breakthrough was achieved by successfully addressing the wider range of lifestyle influences that come to bear on making nutrition and weight management programs successful. Dr. Nesheim’s team created a powerful synergy through the integration of nutrition and weight management products and programs with the added elements of peer support, activity, and behavior modification for a totally integrated nutrition and weight management system.

He worked with Dr. Nan E. Brenzel, who has a personal commitment to nutrition and weight management. Drawing on her professional experience in the clinical and research field of weight management and motivation, she designed the Behavioral Modification components of the system: the Cambridge Retreats and Control For Life, a self-study program to replace undesirable eating behaviors with good effective behaviors for long-term weight management. Dr. Nesheim continued to improve and refine the elements of the Cambridge Food For Life System until his retirement in 1991.

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