My Personal Success Story

I was only 9 years old when I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting with my mom. It became our annual mother/daughter activity; joining, losing some weight, and eventually cheating our way back to where we started. All the counting, weighing, and measuring was tedious and in many ways, left me more food obsessed then when I began. By the time I became a teenager I discovered that just plain old starvation worked just as well and I put myself on very few calories of less then healthy food choices. I dropped a lot of weight, and eventually about half my hair. I was often sick and covered in bruises from malnutrition. I began to have problems with high blood pressure and elevated heart rate. There was no name for anorexia back then, but I now know I was heading in that direction. Even though I was 5'9", weighed 140 lbs,  and was a size 7/9, I still felt fat. In fact, being fat was in my thinking.. my identity. 

I got married in 1978. I was just barely 19 and got pregnant with my first child right away. My eating got out of control and I had gained 70 pounds by the time I delivered. It was the beginning of not just being overweight, but of becoming obese. My marriage was not a good one so the stress only made the problem worse. I turned to food for just about everything.

Some time after my son turned 1, I was introduced to The Cambridge Diet for the first time. It was brand new to this country and my husband and I both went on it. *I dropped 80 pounds and never felt better in my life! It wasn't too long after that when I became pregnant with my second child. I was determined not to gain the weight back so I continued to use Cambridge as the base of my diet with the addition of healthy foods. That pregnancy was incredible compared to my first! I only gained 22 pounds and felt amazingly healthy right up until delivery. By this time we had become distributors and I was also loving being in the position to help others achieve their goal. 

About a year later my marriage ended and I made the decision to sell my Cambridge business and move out of state. I lost track of Cambridge and eventually the weight and the health problems returned. By the age of 27 I was in congestive heart failure and diabetic. In spite of my medical background (I was a nurse) I could do nothing to help myself. Over the next several years I tried many diets, even went back to Weight Watchers, but nothing worked. By this time it was the late 90's and everyone was either low-carbing or getting gastric bypass. I couldn't afford surgery and the thought of it scared me anyway. I'd had a couple of friends die from their surgeries. I got on the low-carb bandwagon and stuck with it for over a year even though I only lost a few pounds. Like so many others I had been convinced of the evils of carbohydrates and I was afraid to eat them again. I ended up having kidney problems and came down with a very painful case of gout due to the high protein content of Atkins. Suddenly I was faced with the reality of having to change my eating pattern again, only this time I was panicked with not knowing what to do anymore. There was no answer and I resigned myself to the fact I was just going to die from obesity. I gained again..up to over 290 pounds. I was completely disabled with arthritis in both knees from the weight, and on too many prescriptions to count. My doctors made it clear to me that I was not going to live a long life if I didn't make some changes.

I spent quit a few years in this horrible condition while my first 2 children were growing up. Unfortunately I set a terrible example for them and they both developed weight problems as well. I remarried briefly and ended up getting pregnant with my 3rd child. By the time I had him I was down a little in my weight, but soon started gaining again to well over 300 pounds. I figured I only had to live long enough to raise my children and then I could die. I was hopeless, alone, and miserable.

When my daughter reached 18 she was severely overweight. I was terrified of the idea of her going out in the world trying to make a life for herself in that condition. I knew all too well how cruel the world is to the obese. I was desperate to find an answer for her that I had not been able to find for myself. It was in that moment that I remembered Cambridge. I didn't know if it even still existed, but I went online and found it! I knew I had found our ticket to freedom! I ordered a case immediately. I was so excited and so very ready to change our lives. We got started on it. It was an amazing transformation for us both. Because of my amazing results, everyone assumed I'd had surgery. I once again became a Cambridge Diet Distributor and had a goal to help as many people as I could escape the prison of obesity. *I continued until I shed over 120 pounds. I wasn't at goal, but I was happy! I was able to enjoy several years of being active and involved in life again. The knee pain was greatly relived and for the first time my kids had a mom that could play basketball or hike or play tennis. Life was definitely better.

That was about 10 years ago. 2 years ago I had both knees replaced. The damage from the many years of obesity had reached the point of no return. It is highly unusual for a doctor to agree to replace both at once, but he knew how determined I was and he was impressed with my level of good health so he agreed to do it. Being pain free for the first time I could remember was a great motivator to increase my activity and once again get serious about losing the rest of my weight. I got back to Cambridge as my Sole Source of nutrition and got back to the gym. 
*I shed another 40 pounds and last year made the decision to go in and have some surgery to tighten things up. *I now have a perfectly flat tummy and can wear anything I want. I'm active and dating and enjoying my life. 

If someone had showed me when I was 32 a video clip of what my life is like now at 51, I never would have believed it. I expected to be dead by now and back then, it was a welcome thought. I couldn't imagine that my life would someday be filled with fun and excitement and love and happiness. I lived without hope for most of my adult years, but now I look forward to my future and I'm excited to see what comes next. 

(2015 update: 56 yrs old now. 3 years ago I got married to a wonderful man! Life just keeps getting better!)  

Over the past 14 years I have had the privilege of helping hundreds, maybe even thousands of people succeed with their weight goals and many if not most of them were in the same state of mind I was, without hope and too tired to try anymore. Some are people that had gastric bypass surgery and have regained their weight, finding that conventional dieting no longer works for them. My customers have had as little as a few pounds to lose, up to hundreds. Please know this..if you really want to lose weight and you don't want to take months or even years to do it, then Cambridge can be your answer. You can safely eliminate the excess weight in the shortest time possible and regain your health and vitality in the process. It would be my pleasure and my honor to help you and support you along the way.
-Pam Turner
*Individual results may vary​
Pam Turner
Independent Cambridge Diet Distributor
Cambridge Diet "Yes You Can"
Me at over 300 pounds in early March 2000, right before starting Cambridge. Sorry about the poor quality, but I usually avoided pics back then. *

2019 and still maintaining. I'm healthy, active, and enjoying life! Just turned 60!

5 1/2 months later and 120 pounds lighter. *

 My Personal Success Story
Hi. My name is Pam and I would like to share my story with you.

I have spent the majority of my life battling a weight problem. I was the youngest child in my family of 4. Even though my mother, (who also had weight problems) controlled the food in our house, for some reason I was the only sibling that was overweight. I was an active tomboy, but still my earliest memories were of being told I was too chubby to eat what the others were having. My dieting began at birth. 
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*Individual results may vary
*results may vary