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These are questions that I've been asked over the years by those interested in the diet as well as current users. If you can not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact me. My FAQ page is always current and updated regularly so please check back often.

Questions About Ordering Products:

Q. Can I buy the Cambridge Diet products from this web site?

A. Yes you can! You can Click Here and that will route you to the company's own secure shopping cart. Create your account with your billing, shipping, and login in info. I am linked directly to them so you won't be entering your personal or billing info on to a site put up by an individual as some other distributors have done. It wilI go directly to the main office in Monterey and be processed that same day. I will not have access to any of your information. Once there you can make your selections from the menu on the left hand side. If you prefer, I would be happy to take your order over the phone. If you have any questions about the products or need help in deciding what to order I am here to help you. You can email me at pamturner@cambridgediet.org or you can call me at 386-585-2528.

Q. Can these be Shipped to my military APO address? Is there an extra charge?

A. Yes! Cambridge can ship to APO addresses. Since it is considered a USA address there are no additional charges for the shipping.

Q. Hi. I'm very interested in Cambridge but my problem is that I don't live in the USA and as far as I know there is no one selling it here. What can I do? Is it possible to order here?

A. Anyone outside of the USA and without an APO address will need to consult with a UK Cambridge Diet counselor. This site is for USA Cambridge Diet users only and we are not permitted to sell outside of the USA.

Q. How long should it take for me to receive my order?

A. Cambridge prides its self on quick delivery within the United States. All orders are shipped from the warehouse in Los Angeles directly to your door by UPS. The average shipping time is 2 to 7 working days depending on your location.

Q. I've seen Cambridge being sold on Ebay. Can I get  a better deal on the price by ordering this way?

A. No. All Cambridge Diet Distributors are contracted to sell at the exact same price.  This is just a sales tactic to make people think they are getting a better deal, when in fact you will be paying the regular retail price. If you are interested in learning how to purchase your products wholesale which will give you a 24% discount AND offer you the opportunity to earn cash bonuses on what you buy for yourself as well as any family, friends, etc who buy through you then  please click here for information.

Q. I see that some Distributors are offering specials on their websites.  Do distributors set their own prices and make their own special offers? Does it pay to shop around?

A. No. All Distributors are given the same specials to offer each month by the company. It will alternate between either a retail customer special, or a Distributor special. We are also obligated to sell at the same retail price. If you would like to see the special for this month,  please click here. 
Several times a year I have a weight loss contest for my customers for free product. I do this at my own expense. Check my  Support Board  for info about current contests, new products, as well as the latest Cambridge Diet news!

Q. This product is probably heavy to ship. Will the shipping costs be high? Can I buy locally from a Distributor in my area and avoid the shipping charges?

A. Cambridge works with UPS to give our customers a reduced shipping rate. It would cost me much more to ship to you myself then it does for you to have it shipped from the company warehouse. Most Distributors do not carry inventory and any order you place on their website will be routed to the company shopping cart where it will be processed and shipped. There is a small possibility that you have a Distributor within driving distance for you to go pick up, but again..most Distributors do not have inventory available in their home and if they do, your selection will be very limited. A one month supply (6 cans) will cost you about $18 to $20 for shipping. This is still going to make your overall food costs much less then if you were on a conventional food diet. Also please remember that your choice of Distributor can dramatically effect your success. You will need a reliable source of support and information along the way so choose carefully.

Q. I am on a fixed income and I am concerned about the cost. Is there any way to get my products cheaper?

A. For most people Cambridge ends up being cheaper then eating regular food. I was on a fixed income when I first began and I was concerned about that too. It seemed like a lot of money, but when I did the math I realized that I actually SAVED money being on the diet! When you add up all the money you spend each month on groceries, restaurants, fast food, and even soft drinks and coffees you will likely find that you too will be saving money. Cambridge retails at about $1.50 per meal. You can't buy a soda for that, much less a full meal. You can reduce your cost down even more if you  sign up for a Distributorship.  You will get a 24% discount on your personal orders, a discount of about $7 a can! It can bring down your per meal cost  to as low as $1.23! Do you want to get your product for free? Then get a few friends or family members on the diet with you and earn cash bonuses back on whatever they buy through you as well as on your own personal purchases! I was getting both my and my daughters product for free by our 3rd month just from people seeing my results and wanting to try it too.

 Choosing a Cambridge Diet Distributor:

Q. There are so many Cambridge Diet websites on the Internet. How do I choose who I should buy from and what should I consider when making this choice? Does it really matter?

A. Your choice of Distributor should be based on who you feel will give you the best service and who you think you can relate to the most. This is a very personal decision and should be made carefully. Your success may depend on it. If you only have a few pounds to lose then you most likely won't need as much support as someone that has 100, 200, 300, or more. I have worked with many people in this weight range. If you are in the category of being morbidly obese or if you have specific health problems that you are concerned with then you want to choose a Distributor who is experienced with these issues.  

Q. Why should I choose you for my Distributor? What will you offer me in the way of support?

A.  Good question! I have helped hundreds, if not thousands, over the past 12 years drop astounding amounts of weight who have also experienced improved health that comes from achieving a healthy weight. I provide unparalleled support and information for my clients and that is why they have such a high success rate. I have a very active  Support Board  where all Cambridge Dieters are welcome to participate. I am available to my clients by phone, email, message board, and text. You are never left alone to figure things out, I am here for you 100%.  I can not only guide you through the process of losing the weight, but also in learning how to keep it off and adopt a new lifestyle that you will thrive on! I've done it and I can help you do it too. 

Q. Is it best to choose a Distributor that has been with the company since it began, or should I find one that has had a more recent experience with their personal weight loss? 

A. There are advantages and disadvantages to using someone that has been with the company a long time. One of the advantages is that they should certainly know everything about the product and be able to answer any questions you may have. This would of course depend on them being actively involved in learning about the current information regarding nutrition and health. It would be good to ask them if they are.  A disadvantage could be that they lost their weight so long ago they may not be able to be relate to someone that is currently  on the program and you may end up feeling alone in this effort. I lost 80 pounds 30 years ago when I was in my early 20's and I was an Area Distributor back then. 22 years later when I was 42 I found Cambridge again and that time dropped 120 pounds.* I decided 6 years ago to get rid of the last 40 pounds and I am now an active healthy 55 years old.   I believe most will find that I have the experience, empathy and understanding that can only come from having fought my own personal battle and winning with obesity.

Usage Questions:

Q. How do I prepare the product? 

A.  Cambridge is easy to mix and portable too! It blends easily with cold water. You can use a shaker mug, a blender, or a hand held stick blender. All the products mix with water, but you can also use other liquids like fat free broth for the soups (be sure not to put the lid on tight if mixing in a blender with hot liquids) or in moderate amounts, diet soda. Cambridge flavors are wonderful on their own, but you can change things up if you want with seasonings, flavorings, and extracts. Be sure to use products that do not have sugar. My personal favorite is the 330 Rich Chocolate Shake with 3 ice cubes and a couple drops of peppermint extract. Sometimes I may add a tsp of cocoa powder if I want a deeper chocolate flavor. I have recipes on my  support board  that tells you how to use the Oats for pancakes and muffins! I even have a delicious chocolate pudding pie using the Oats for pie crust and our delicious Chocolate Dessert ! 

Q. Is it necessary that I order some of each of the products for my diet? What if I only want to use soups or shakes? 

A. You can use any form of Cambridge that you feel will work best for you. Many people enjoy the variety of shake flavors and soups along with the Oats and Desserts, but I have also had many customers that didn't want to make any choices at all and would lose all their weight on just one flavor! All the products are basically the same nutritionally so you can use any combination you wish. Just remember to have all 3 to 4 servings, depending on which product line you select.

Q. Can I prepare my shakes ahead of time and use them throughout the day? 

A. It is not recommended that you prepare your shakes ahead of time. The encapsulation of the vitamins and minerals will wear off and you may taste them making it unpleasant.  Even if you are not home you can easily mix your products fresh with a hand held shaker mug available on the Cambridge Diet website. You will only need some cold water for the shakes or access to a microwave for the soups.  Mix up  your soup with cold water very well and then heat.  Never put hot liquids in a closed blender! You can prepare the Dessert ahead of time and keep in the fridge. 

Q. What if I'm traveling? How can I stay on my diet if I'm on the road or living out of a suitcase?

A. Cambridge is very portable. When I travel I will either bring enough for my trip measured out in baggies, or I buy the individual packets available from the company.  I'll bring along a shaker mug if I have room in my bag, but if not then I will buy a cold 12 to 16 oz bottle of water from a gas station or store, drink enough to get it to about 8 to 10 oz, add my powder, replace the cap and shake it up.  It works great! The bars are good in a pinch too. They are not a complete meal replacement, but  you can use one for a meal as long as you complete your servings over the rest of the day.

Q. I am very interested in starting the Cambridge Diet and I want to lose at least 70 lbs, what products should I buy?

A. I am glad you have chosen Cambridge for your weight loss plan. I know you will be thrilled with your results! You have 3 product lines to choose from. There is the Original 330, the Original 330 with Tonalin CLA, and the Food For Life 420. The main difference between the 3 is that the 330 uses dairy whey for it's protein source and the FFL 420 uses soy. The Original with Tonalin CLA is our newest offering and has clinically been proven to increase fat burn by an additional 10%, build lean tissue, and prevent fat regain. The 420 is low lactose for those that have a problem with dairy products. It is a good idea to try both product lines to see which one you prefer. I would recommend that you start with one of the 30 Day Plans. You get everything you need for the first month plus the company includes some free items as well. It comes with a money back guarantee so you can try it for the month and see how you like it. If you are not satisfied you can return it for a refund. You are allowed to try one of each 30 Day Plans, the 330 and the FFL420. You can see all the products here at www.cambridgediet.org . Click on one of the  ordering links and it will take you to the company secured shopping cart. If you have any questions you can call me at 1-386-585-2528. I will be happy to help you decide which is best suited for your personal needs. 

Q. I want to use Cambridge as sole source of nutrition. I used the diet about 10 years ago and used the bars with the soups/shakes. I feel I need something to chew and want to use the bars again. How should I use them with the Food For Life 420 formula to achieve maximum weight loss?

A. You can successfully use the bars if you limit them to only one per day. You need to be sure that you have all 3 of your regular servings of Cambridge to complete your nutritional needs though. The bars are not a complete meal replacement so you will use them as an additional 4th servings along with your FFL shakes, soups, and oats. Cambridge recently reformulated their Nutrition Bars. The new flavors are AMAZING! The best nutrition bar on the market! Only 150 calories and packed with energy boosting protein, and fiber. 

Q. What is the average weight loss per week while on the Cambridge Diet?

A. Please contact me directly for the answer to this question. Google Adwords policy does not permit me to share this information on my website, but I would be happy to go over what results you can expect.

Q. Can you eat meat while on the diet and if so what kind? I've been told to eat protein.

A.  It is not necessary to supplement your Cambridge with protein unless you have a specific health concern and you doctor recommends it. However, if you do decide to eat some regular food along with your Cambridge then protein is your best choice as it will not stimulate your appetite like carbohydrates will. A good choice is chicken or turkey breast, egg whites, or even a string cheese. Try to keep it to under 100 calories for the day if you are striving for the most satisfying results. If you want to add a low calorie meal to your day you can have a serving of protein along with some green vegetable like green beans or salad. You can dress it with something simple like lemon juice and a little olive oil. You want to limit the meal to under 400 calories.

Q. I'm on  sole source and going to a party. What do you advise to do?

A. It would depend on what kind of party. If it is a sit down dinner party then you can either plan to eat or not. I think that it would be a good idea to call the host and ask what is going to be served. Usually if you explain that you are on a very restricted diet they will make an effort to accommodate you by making sure there is an acceptable option for you. Try to stick to lean and clean protein and green vegetable. Nothing fried or breaded or sauced.

If it is a cocktail party then you can simply have a glass of sparkling water in your hand at all times. If hors' devours are being served then you just have to resist. They may be small, but they are usually packed with calories and fat. Be sure to have your Cambridge before you go! You don't want to make food related decisions when you're hungry. 

Medical Questions:

Q. I have a history of high BP and diabetes. Can I use the Cambridge Diet safely? How will it effect my medications?

A. Cambridge is ideal for those with Diabetes and Heart Disease. I suffered with both for many years before finding Cambridge again and eliminating the excess weight. If you have medical issues that are being treated by a physician and/or are on medications then it is advised that you consult with your doctor and be monitored. Some medications may become unnecessary or need to be reduced as you progress on your weight loss journey. Please do not take yourself off of medications without consulting with your physician. 

Q. I have an under active thyroid and I take 75mcg of Thyroxin per day. Can I still take part in the Cambridge Diet?

A. If you are on medications you should first consult with your doctor before beginning this or any other weight loss program. He/she can advise you on how to use the Cambridge Diet. Please print up a copy of the Physicians Summary and take to your doctor. I have had many clients that had thyroid conditions that lost their weight with Cambridge when all other diets failed them. 

Q. Why can't you breast feed while on the Cambridge diet?

A. While on the Cambridge Diet sole source, ( meaning that you use the products to replace all your regular food) you will go in to a light state of Ketosis.  Ketones are produced in the process of using fat for energy and  may pass in to your milk. It is not good for the baby so it is not recommended that you attempt any weight loss with any diet while breast feeding. However, Cambridge also makes a wonderful nutritional supplement to your regular diet, especially while nursing. Nursing mothers need approximately an additional 500 calories a day for the baby and Cambridge is a perfect choice for those additional calories as well as a good nutritional supplement to make sure your baby is getting what it needs.  Make it part of your healthy eating plan and then once the baby is weaned you can transition over to sole source easily and begin your weight loss program. 

Q. Is there an artificial sweetener in the Cambridge products?

A. The Cambridge shakes, soups, and Oats use a non-corn source of fructose for some of it's sweetener as well as its source of carbohydrate. This form of fructose does not spike the blood sugar and provides a source of energy in the form of calories. The shakes also contain a small amount of a sweetener called Acesulfame Potassium that is considered safe and is widely used. There is a slight chance for those who have epilepsy to experience problems with this ingredient, but it is very rare. It would be impossible for Cambridge to manufacture an affordable product that contained all the needed nutrients that was also low in calories and good tasting using only all natural ingredients. The amounts of artificial sweeteners are very low, but if you have a sensitivity or are just trying to follow an all natural lifestyle then you may want to reconsider using the diet. Since I am very concerned about such things and I try to eat as organically as I can, I had to come to the conclusion that the payoff to using Cambridge far outweighed any effects of a short time using artificial sweeteners. The health benefits I received from the weight loss and the balanced nutrition started me on my path to living a healthier life.

Q. Is there any caffeine or other stimulant in the original or new shake?

A.  No. Cambridge does not contain any caffeine or stimulant in any form. It is not necessary. You will experience a natural increase in energy while on the diet as well as an improvement in mood. This is due to how the body reacts to a very low calorie diet. Most diet supplements use caffeine in various chemical or natural forms to increase metabolism. This is a very ineffective way to accomplish that and typically just makes people feel jittery and tired with side effects like rapid fluttering heart rate and insomnia. There are no herbal stimulants in Cambridge either. Just balanced nutrition in a delicious very low calorie formula. 

Q. Is Cambridge truly a viable alternative to Gastric Bypass and all its forms?

A. Yes, it certainly is! Cambridge allows you to shed the weight at the same rate as if you had bypass surgery, only you accomplish this by giving your body everything it needs for good health and nutrition on less then 500 calories a day. Bypass patients struggle on a daily basis to get in even a fraction of the nutrients needed and can suffer serious issues of malnutrition and malabsorbtion. Because of this, not only do Bypass patients lose fat, but also bone, organ, and muscle tissue as well. They also run a risk of other complications such as bowel obstructions, liver damage, leakages and ulceration all of which can require more surgeries to correct and can even result in death. Over 8 years of clinical research proved that the lean tissue loss while on The Cambridge Diet was so minute that it was immeasurable and that the weight lost is fat with some initial excess fluid in the first few days of the diet. Those that experience Cambridge enjoy increased health, vitality, and energy, as well as improved sleep and mental well-being while working towards their goal. All these results are due to the complete balanced nutrition in the diet. 

Q. What is the role of Cambridge with athletics? Is it safe to use if you are involved in a fitness program?

A. Cambridge products have been seen on many athletic training tables in both individual and team sports. It provides a strong nutritional foundation for athletes whose performance is largely dependent upon their bodies receiving the precise balance of nutrients which Cambridge provides. Cambridge offers great versatility to the athletes on  nutritional weight reduction programs and as a comprehensive balance of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients to supplement and enhance the body's utilization of conventional foods to maintain or add weight.

Q. Can elderly people use Cambridge products? 

A.  There is no reason why an elderly person in good health cannot use Cambridge products. Often times as people age they may  lose their appetite and can end up eating less then they need or the wrong foods. Over time this can be very detrimental to their health. Because the sense of taste tends to dull as we get older we gravitate towards sweets because it's the sense of taste we retain the longest. Cambridge is a perfect nutritional supplement for the elderly and also satisfies their sweet tooth. 

Elderly people with medical conditions should only be on a weight loss plan under a physicians care. Cambridge is an outstanding, broad spectrum nutritional supplement that can be extremely beneficial to elderly persons who are not normally eating enough to get all the nutrients their body requires. My own  beloved Aunt was using it long in to her 80's! It was part of my program for her to bring her back in to an active vibrant life from one that had previously required her to be in a convalescent home. 

Q. Can children use Cambridge products?

A.  Many children are using Cambridge products as a supplement to regular eating patterns with notable results. There is a trend in decreased consumption of empty calorie snacks and a movement toward better eating habits. Because they are still growing and developing. children should not be on a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) program. However. the Cambridge Regular Program can be very helpful with over weight children. When placing children on a weight loss plan. we recommend that you consult with a physician to determine the appropriate caloric intake.

Q. Can I use the Cambridge products if I'm also using birth control?

A. There is no reason not to, and no known side effects with using Cambridge products while using birth control pills.

Q. How come after leaving the Cambridge Diet and resorting to normal although healthy eating I have put weight on?

A. The only weight you should have gained would be the solid waste accumulation that happens after you resume regular eating again. While on the diet your bowels are for the most part empty. You can accumulate up to 5 pounds or more of solid waste from the foods you eat. You also may put on some fluid weight due to the sodium content common to conventional foods. Any weight gain over and above that is due to your eating plan. You must remember that it takes fewer calories to maintain a smaller body then it does a larger one. An obese person can maintain their weight on 3000 calories a day while a person of healthy weight may only need 1200. It is easy to lose track of your actual intake and even easier to underestimate the calorie content of what you are eating. A diet of whole foods that emphasizes vegetables and good quality proteins and moderate amounts of fruits and grains should maintain your weight. If you are eating a diet heavy in grain based foods such as pasta, breads, and rice you will likely gain weight. Sugar in all forms can also pile on the pounds as it raises your insulin levels, the fat storing hormone. Processed foods will  put the weight on as well as over sized restaurant meals and fast food.

Q. Is this the same formula that was in the drinks from back in the 80's? I had heard that the formula had been changed due to the amount of deaths of people using the diet. I lost 45lbs back in 1983 and kept it off for approximately 10 yrs and am interested in using it to loose 30 or 40 lbs again.

A. The formula is exactly the same. There were never any deaths related to The Cambridge Diet. These were erroneous reports by the media with the hopes of increasing their viewers. In the 80's, Cambridge was the biggest thing to ever hit the world wide diet market. Nothing like it had ever been seen before so it was newsworthy. Because of this there were many false reports of side effects and deaths by the media doctors whose only goal was to bring in ratings. Had any of them been true, Cambridge would not still be one of the most successful weight loss programs available today. It has proven its self to be a perfectly safe and effective program for efficient weight loss for over 35 years.

Q. Can I drink diet soft drinks while on Cambridge? I am a UK Cambridge Diet user and we are told not to use them at all

A. I am not permitted to counsel those in the UK so I can't answer your question directly, however  the USA Cambridge Diet says that you can have diet sodas in moderation.  I encourage my customers to avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible. You are in the UK so their rules are a bit different from ours here in the States. You will need to consult with your UK Diet representative to see what they recommend. If you do choose to drink diet sodas you will want to avoid those that contain caffeine. Caffeine can act as a diuretic in your system and you do not want to dehydrate your body while on your diet.

Q. Can I use fiber supplements while on the diet to avoid constipation or is there another way to beat constipation?

A. Cambridge is classified as a high fiber diet. It is a low volume diet though so due to this you may not need to have a bowel movement every day once your bowels have emptied out. If you find that you are straining to go then you can add a fiber supplement to your Cambridge. Just be sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Fiber can actually cause constipation if your fluid intake is not high enough. You need fluid to expand the fiber to move the bowels. Another alternative to dealing with constipation is to use a magnesium supplement. Magnesium is a valuable mineral and constipation is commonly an indicator that your body needs supplementation. It can produce a soft bowel movement in only an hour or so. You may only need to use it once or twice a week, depending on how you respond to it. 

Q. What about breast cancer patients? Can they use this diet? Does the diet contain anti-oxidants. Is it safe to take?

A. Cambridge does not contain anti-oxidants other then what naturally occurs in the vitamins in the product. For the most part, Cambridge can be an invaluable addition to your healing. However, all the products contain various forms and amounts of soy. In the Food For Life formula it is the main protein source. In the other products it is part of the fiber content.  There is some opinion  that soy may stimulate hormone levels so depending on the kind of cancer in question, you would want to consult with your oncologist and bring in the Physicians Summery as well as a can of the product for evaluation. 

History Of The Company And The Doctors That Developed The Cambridge Diet 

Please click on  the "Cambridge Story" link for the history of the diet and the doctors that researched and developed it. 

The company is currently owned by Dean Distributors, a food service and health supplement company in Northern Ca, with it's warehouse in LA, Ca. Cambridge has a long and impressive history and it is a company you can count on to give you the best and most current in the field of weight loss and nutrition. 

If you have questions please feel free to post them on the Cambridge Diet Support Board  or call to speak with me personally, Pam Turner at 386-585-2528. 
  Cambridge Diet Frequently Asked Questions
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