Pam Turner
Independent Cambridge Diet Distributor​
Phone: (386) 585-2528
Call: 801-360-6229
Over the years, I've often had people express surprise when they call me and find that they are actually talking to me and that I am a "real person". I assure you that I am indeed real and this is my website. It is my story you read and my pictures you see. This is also my cell phone number so if you call me, I will answer. If I am on another call just leave your info and a brief message and I will get back to you asap.

Since I work with so many people, I have to ask that only those who are purchasing their products through my website, contact me directly. If you are already with another distributor, you will need to contact them if you have questions. However, everyone is welcome on my Support Board  and I encourage you to visit there to chat with others using the diet, ask questions, and share your successes and struggles.

Pam (the real Pam) 

Leroy & Nancy Tinnean
Panora, IA

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