Becoming a Distributor will allow you to  buy your own products wholesale at a 24% discount off the normal retail price. It will also allow you to reduce your costs even more if you introduce others to the diet and they buy their products through you. Along with your wholesale discount, you can earn an additional 8% to 24% back on the total amount of products sold under your Distributorship. The company handles inventory and shipping, as well as keeping track of your online sales.  

A Distributorship is only $40 a year. You will get most of that back on your very first wholesale order. You are not obligated to order every month or to sell product.  

Your personal orders must be a minimum of $100 to receive  the wholesale price. That is about 6 containers which is a one month supply for one person. Anything less then that would go in as a retail order. If you qualify for a monthly bonus you are required to have placed a personal order within that month to receive payment. 

Whether you are interested in just saving money on your own purchases, or if you would like to own a very rewarding and exciting home based business, this is a wonderful opportunity for both!
Contact me for info and I will help you with the very easy process of signing up. 
Would You Like To Buy Your Cambridge Diet Products At A Significant Savings Over Retail? 
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