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My Before and After Pictures
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These "before" pictures are of me, Pam Turner, sometime in the year 2000. I am at my heaviest, well over 300 pounds and dealing with some severe life style related health issues. Believe it or not, this was after a year and a half on the Atkins Diet. *

1st pic, March of 2001, I began my Cambridge Diet experience. 2nd pic, April, one month later. A difference of 33 pounds! You can see the dramatic change. Sorry about the angled pictures. I didn't know at the time I would be putting them up for the world to see. *

1st pic, Sept, 2001, age 42. A difference of 120 pounds and feeling great. I was not at my ultimate goal, but I stayed at this weight for a while quit happily. 2nd pic, 8 years later and on my way to the gym. I was 50 and feeling fabulous, but not yet finished. I got rid of an additional 40 and went in for some excess skin removal on upper arms and a tummy tuck. *

Here I am currently at 55 years old, fit and healthy. I still use Cambridge as part of my simple maintenance plan. I have it most days to supplement my healthy eating plan. If I notice a few pounds creeping back on, I just go back on the weight loss plan for a few days.  

Cambridge is also great as 
a nutritional supplement for your whole family in addition to a regular healthy diet. *

                 * results may vary